What does Barresto offer?

For whom is intended BARRESTO? BARRESTO software is an ideal solution and perfectly suited for any type of catering facility. It was developed by applying the most modern platforms, with transferred experience from experts and experienced people in the field of catering and by using Horeka professional literature.
Why BARRESTO? Practical, simple, and comprehensive for the user. By using BARRESTO, catering facilities get all the necessary tools for successful and fast operation, increase efficiency and sales, and with that, you have an excellent overview of revenues and expenditures.
How does BARRESTO help me? BARRESTO makes the management of the catering facility very simple, and this results in the many benefits that have been shown during the use by our many satisfied customers.


Segment from the solution with which orders are prepared, makes payment, communication with the kitchen, easy, fast, simple and intuitive.


Developed in the latest UWP (Windows Universal Platform) technology

Easily accessible hardware according your choice

Desktop computers, All in One computer, registration cards, discount cards for your guests, marker printers and laser printers, fiscal devices.

Modern, fast and easy for operate

Formation of receiver notes , consignment notes, returns

suppliers and other documents.


All the necessary functions for the smooth operation of your facility are included in the numerous capabilities of the software. All possible situations that appear during the work with your guests are resolved. Simple overview of tables, corrections, additions, transfers and all that depending on the given privileges of the employees. Forming reservations and review of the reserved tables

Check out, control and records

Collection of bills depending on the type of payment, record of discounts, and automatic formation of invoice. Cashbox reports by types of payments and employees, reports for sold items, records of changes and many other control reports and control options for the fiscal printer

System for ordering screens

Kitchen System allows the madden orders to arrive on the screens placed in your kitchen.

Places for preparing food and drink have an overview of multiple received orders and items at once. Direct interaction with waiters

Mobility and able to share

POS synchronization and mobile application for waiters. It is possible tracking the orders, the time when they were made, when the items are ready to carry and when they are taken by the waiters through the module for ready orders


All your data can be on your server or on our Cloud server

Using mobile devices with which employees are more rational, more relaxed and offer faster and better service


Application developed for Android mobile devices that are characterized by market availability and low price

Fast, simple and trusted application

Orders are made easily and quickly. There is no need to memorize product digits in this application. Evidence of the situation of the items in real time. The effectiveness is increased and that makes your guests much more satisfied


All data and documents are interconnected with the material action and desktop computers in real time


All the necessary features for comfortable staff work are included in the mobile application options. There is no need to work with the desktop application anymore. All possible situations about the working in a catering facility have been resolved. Overview of tables, corrections, additions, transfers and all that in depending with the given privileges of the employees

Check out, control and records

Check out of bills depending on the type of payment, record of discounts, automatic formation of invoice. Cashbox reports by types of payments and employees, sold items and many other options.

Part of the kitchen system

Interaction of waiters with kitchen or bar through the user Kitchen system (orders arrived on kitchen screens)

Easy to work with many included functionalities and analyzes, necessary for the successful functioning of your catering facility

Operating system

Windows 10

Software setup

Setting, setting up BARRESTO software, opening groups, subgroups, work warehouses, basic and sales items with norms, employee roles, customer data, table setting, printers to be used to print documents and orders

Document management

Establishing receiver notes, return notes to suppliers, aggregate invoices and other input-output documents

Analytics, planning

Planning, analysis and other important data reports.

Inventory and balance

Material and financial inventory, material balance, stock of raw materials, procurement and sales reports

Income and expenses

Analytical reports for revenues, expenses, outgoing / incoming invoices, clients balance.

Sales and check out

Fixed and variable cost management and their impact on sales.

Employee analysis

Employee performance analysis, receipts, orders and review of changes and corrections of orders or accounts.

Printing documents

View and print all types of documents, reports and exports in pdf, doc, excel…

Sales and check out

Reviews and following of the sale, earnings, types and types of payment in real time

Control in real time

Relaxed and satisfied manager with full control of the operation of the catering facility in real time

External control

Ability to work with the software when you are outside of the facility

Opportunity for integration

Connection with our hotel software, mini bar, spa, bookkeeping. The connection to your accounting is easy and fully satisfies the necessary data and documentation

Mobile phone application intended for managers to monitor the condition and catering facilities and when you are not present in it


Developed application for Android mobile devices that are available in the market and at a low price

Occupancy of the restaurant

In real time you have the busyness and fullness of the tables in your catering facility.

Overview of orders by tables

At any time you get an overview of ordered items by tables

Reports for realization

Review of the employee engagement, changes, document corrections and procurement reports

Check out, control and records

Check out of bills in depending on the type of the payment, records of discounts, cashbox reports by types of payments and employees


From the application you can add new employees, adjust their access privileges and options for mode of operating
Frequently asked questions
The manager/s can use a mobile application that shows in real time the condition of the catering facility from payments, orders and many other options.
The condition of all items, entry and exit is updated in real time of operation so, that managers can at any time have a real situation of quantity and can make an inventory of goods in the restaurant/bar.
Using the mobile application for mobile waiter, speeds up the service many times over, saves time for returning the bar to the working computer and more orders can be made during one visit to the guest tables.
Each employee is registered by the managers separately and there can be many differences in the approaches to the functions of the program. All these roles are assigned by the responsible person who has access to the part of the employee registration program.
Yes it is possible. The program has no restrictions on the number of marker printers. It is possible to install as many network printers as there are places for preparing items in the catering facility. When ordering different products, each of the items will be printed at the appropriate location (printer) at which it is prepared.
Employees can access it by entering a password or with special cards without contact. The access card secures the password, and employees are protected from unwanted manipulation.
The discount selector is active before billing and can only be viewed by the employee for whom the option has been activated. The discount can be registered through customer cards without contact or by choosing the name of a company for which there is a defined discount.
Using the Kitchen System module, the kitchen or bar can view orders on screen depending on where the ordered items are prepared.
Using the Kitchen System module, the kitchen or bar can view orders on screen depending on where the ordered items are prepared.
Yes, that option is very useful, it is enabled through the kitchen / bar system.
Invoice printing is very easy and automated when closing an account for a particular customer. You also have the opportunity to collect multiple open accounts for the same client and make an aggregate, shared invoice.
Every software user has different access to the software modules. The manager has the maximum privileges in all software modules through which he can manage and use them to set up all phases of operation in the catering facility.
The software provides a great opportunity for table reservations. Reservations can be made locally or directly from guests with an online application.
The software is designed, so, that it does not interfere with instant interventions or additions during working hours, thus enabling the addition, modification, correction of items and menus.
The online ordering software that customers can install themselves is integrated, synchronized and connected to the restaurant software. Through the application it is possible to order from outside and it should be paid immediately by the guest through the security system for card payment.
Collection is solved, detailed and with many functionalities, and one of them is divided into payment by type of payment, which provides fast and simple closing and account collection in each combination at the request of guests.
Do you have any additional questions about the software? Please contact us.


Working hours

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Technical support 24/7
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